The Church Conference to consider the
Study Committee proposals will be this Sunday,
February 11, at 9:30 am, in the sanctuary.
Dr. Jim Simpson, our district superintendent
will be with us to lead the conference and every
member of the church is eligible to vote.

The Study Committee has identified six key
action areas for our church to fully engage in
connecting people with Christ and the church.
They include:

Lay Leadership Development
Small Groups
Youth Ministry

I encourage you to pray for our church
as we prepare for the conference. Please pray
for both the people of our church and the people
in our community who need a church family.
Pray for God’s guidance as we seek God’s
plans for our church.

First Step Anyone interested in taking a
First Step to learn more about our church is
invited to a First Step session on Sunday,
February 18 at 4 pm. Pastor Brad Reed
will lead this introduction to the church
and its ministries.

Please contact Brad at 492-3060 or if you have questions
or will need child care.

Dinners for Eight

Do you want to enjoy some good food
and good friends? Dinners for Eight is a great
way to share some good fellowship with
your church family.

Everyone who signs up will
be placed in a group of about 8 people.
These groups will get together once a month
for four months to share a meal together.
Meals can be in homes, restaurants, or at the
church. The emphasis will be on fun and
fellowship, so you don’t have to be a gourmet
cook to participate. Please sign up on the Connect
Card or the list outside the church office to join
our first set of groups.

Who's ready for another Soup and Sew? 

This time we will be making drawstring bags
for the Henry County Memory Fund's "Medicine of Music"
program. These bags will be given to Alzheimer's
patients and will contain an iPod, headphones
and a charger, along with a simple set of instructions
and their favorite music loaded on the iPod. Remember,
music makes them come alive again!

We are looking at Sunday, February 25th
around 3:00 for this event. Let Kathy in the office
know if you can make it or sign up by the office door.
We'll bring our sewing machines, ironing boards,
fabric scraps, sewing supplies and some
yummy stuff to share with everybody so
we can enjoy a nice dinner together!

Join us for some fun and fellowship for a
worthwhile cause! (and you can always make
extra bags for yourself!). Bring a friend too!

There’s a link to the instructions on our Facebook page.
Printing the instructions from this webpage
gets lengthy with the pictures. I've reduced it
down to about 10 2-sided pages and will have
copies available in the office.

Visitation Program

On the first Tuesday of each month, a team
from our church visits members of the church family
who are no longer able to physically attend worship.
The brief, friendly visits are a time to connect,
bring something from the church, and catch up on
what’s going on in their lives. If you know someone
who would enjoy a visit, please contact the church office at
885-5597 or


Clinton United Methodist Church
601 South 4th Street
Clinton, MO 64735
Phone: (660) 885-5597