Detours… They often delay, frustrate, and complicate our plans.  For the most part, we really don’t like them and that’s true whether we’re driving down the road or navigating the journey of our lives.  

But what if detours could be something else?  What if detours could be about learning and growing, instead of frustration and loss?  What if better navigating detours could transform us, and those around us, in powerfully positive life-changing ways?

They can!

Join the Clinton United Methodist Church on Sunday mornings, January 5 – 26, at 8:15 or 10:30 for worship and a new sermon series called “Detours.”  In the New Testament Scriptures we’ll look at the detours Jesus encountered in his life on earth and how he, and those around him, responded.  We’ll learn how with God’s help, those detours made all the difference! 

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