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Building Project Thoughts from Dave

Our building project has almost completed the demolition stage for phase 1.  We've filled four dumpsters with drywall, studs and all the other parts that made up the place for a church to gather... while the structure is very empty, if you stand in the center of this hollow space it still brings back the feelings of church.  

You can look toward the green room stairs and recall the first times your kids scrambled up that obstacle on their way to the nursery while mom, dad and grandma stepped in to the service.  

Looking the other direction the counter that served countless donuts and cups of chocolate milk still waits for the next fellowship opportunity.  At the top of the stairwell worn with the footprints of our ECE students the tree mural representing growth and renewal stands proud ready to welcome little ones for another day of learning.  Today there are no voices, no stomping feet- except for the heavy bootsteps of our construction crew preparing the space... it doesn't look like much.  

Unless you stop, look closely and listen for the faint echo that still remains of our kids, our parents and our seniors throughout the building that is aching to have you all back together in worship .  Soon. 


Connection Teams

We miss everybody, so we've set up a team of 25 members that are calling our church family to check in on them.  They offer prayers as needed, make sure the members are getting our newsletter, and just chat (because we don't want any lonely members out there!).  If you would like a call but aren't getting one, please contact the church office at 660-885-5597 and we'll have somebody call.  Let's keep in touch!

More Building Project Pictures!

Building Project Update

Forward in Faith Building Project Update

Work is progressing on the renovation we’ve been planning for some time, you could say March 8 was the “End of the Beginning”.  Westport Construction is now in the building and beginning to disassemble the structure to make way for our renovation.  While it looks like a lot is happening, you haven’t seen anything yet!  Here’s just a few snaps of the work in progress…  

Before and after shots of the office and the kitchen! 

Methodists on the Move

Exciting times ahead!  In preparation of the beginning of our renovation project we will be disassembling and moving all of the spaces on the first floor from the Green Room steps south.   March 8 will be our last Sunday to fellowship in the gym or use the east and west doors as an entrance to the building until we are complete with the renovation later this year.   Prior to the contractors getting out the hammers we need to relocate our main office as well as all of the furniture and fixtures that occupy those spaces, we’re hoping a few of you can set aside some time to help!   

 At noon on March 8 we’ll have a light lunch in the gym then roll up our sleeves and start packing up and relocating items to the gym for storage during the renovation.  We can use hands, boxes and packing materials as we’ll be emptying all cupboards and drawers, taking down artwork as well as moving all the furniture.  During construction our office staff will temporarily relocate to the rental house we own at 602 S 3rd street – right behind the playground out our back door!  

 Since we’re retrofitting the house for our “office” we can use a little help getting it ready before or during the week of March 2nd – wiping down surfaces, painting a few walls, and helping get furniture and equipment moved over.   If you’ve got a little time and some muscles please call Kathy at the church office at 660-885-5597 and we’ll coordinate a time for you to help us get them settled in.

 It'll all move pretty fast after that – we’ll give weekly updates and post photos of the transformation.  Thanks to all who have worked hard to bring this evolution of our ministry to life!


Family Skate Party!

Children’s Council will be hosting a family skate party for kids up through 5th grade this Sunday, January 26th at 11:30 in the gym. Lunch will be provided.


Address Changes!

Did your address change recently due to the new 911 system?  Please contact the church to update our records.  null