Our building project has almost completed the demolition stage for phase 1.  We've filled four dumpsters with drywall, studs and all the other parts that made up the place for a church to gather... while the structure is very empty, if you stand in the center of this hollow space it still brings back the feelings of church.  

You can look toward the green room stairs and recall the first times your kids scrambled up that obstacle on their way to the nursery while mom, dad and grandma stepped in to the service.  

Looking the other direction the counter that served countless donuts and cups of chocolate milk still waits for the next fellowship opportunity.  At the top of the stairwell worn with the footprints of our ECE students the tree mural representing growth and renewal stands proud ready to welcome little ones for another day of learning.  Today there are no voices, no stomping feet- except for the heavy bootsteps of our construction crew preparing the space... it doesn't look like much.  

Unless you stop, look closely and listen for the faint echo that still remains of our kids, our parents and our seniors throughout the building that is aching to have you all back together in worship .  Soon.