"No one has ever seen God. God, the only Son, who is at that Father’s side, has made God known."                        (John 1:18, CEB) 

Several years ago, in becoming an ordained minister in the United Methodist Church, I had to answer a lot of questions in writing as part of the process. The very first question was, “What is your understanding of God?” And there was a limit on how many words you could write. 

Really?  How much time to you have?

Where do you start in describing who God is, what God has to say, what God does, and what God calls us to be?  How many words does it take adequately explain Almighty God, Creator of everything, the One infinite in presence, wisdom, and love?  Could there ever be enough words to do that? I submit that there could not!

I wish I would have known then, what I better see and understand now.

If you want to know God, know Jesus! The New Testament Gospels show us how Jesus loved broken people, ate with sinners, healed the sick, gave sight to the blind, touched the untouchable, shared other’s grief, had compassion for outcasts, said he came “to seek and save the lost” and went all the way to Calvary’s cross to do so!  If you want to know God, know Jesus! 

My prayer is that you will come to know this life-changing mystery of Emmanuel, God with us!

Your partner on the journey,

Pastor Steve