Life is better connected!

And one of the best ways to connect with God and others is to be a part of a small group of people who consistently meet to develop deeper relationships, pray for one another, and support each other as they grow in faith. Over time, life together in a small group helps us not just come to know more about God, but it helps us know God more. And knowing God more will change our lives!

So, if intentionally developing our faith through a small group can do all this, why do we often resist? What keeps us from participating in this vital spiritual practice? Here are my top three reasons people don’t join a small group.  

#3) “I won’t know everyone in the group.”The fact is you may be right. But even if you can’t find a group with someone you know already in it, remember that one of the main reasons we have small groups is so that people can get acquainted in a non-threatening environment. 

#2) “A new learning situation is too awkward. I won’t know all the religious terms and I don’t know my way around the Bible very well.” The fact is, when you get people who know nothing about the Bible and people who seem to know everything about it in the same group, it is a great place to ask questions and learn in a non-threatening way!  

#1) “I just don’t have the time to be in a small group. My schedule is already filled up with family, work, and other obligations. Perhaps someday, something will suddenly change and I will finally have time to nourish my soul.” The fact is no one ever finds the extra time. When it is really important, you make time. And growing in your faith is that important!

That’s my top three. What about yours? If you would like to know more about opportunities to connect with others in-person or virtually in order to grow in your faith, just let me know (660-525-4422 or  

Your partner on the journey,

Pastor Steve