Someone shared with me that a few years ago their mother had passed away after suffering a major stroke. The family was all there at her mother's hospital bedside as she moved from this life to the next. After spending some time praying, the family left the hospital together. Once outside they were stunned to see the most beautiful sunset many of them had ever witnessed before. My friend went on to say how she knew that sunset was God's way of letting them know that her mother was safely in heaven!

We are a people with a past; a past with God and with others. And in your past there may have been moments of revelation, times when you've come face-to-face with the reality that God is God. Maybe it was a “stop you in your tracks” sunset. Maybe it was a time of worship so deep that it felt like you were singing for an audience of God and God alone.  Maybe it was moment of profound peace in a chaotic time of life. Maybe it was... well, you fill in the blank. 

Whatever it was, it’s important to remember those past moments of revelation. Then allow those past revelation moments to help you know that God is God. Finally, let those revelation moments birth or rekindle your trust in God and God's promises. 

That’s really important to do. Why? Because when you experience challenging times of life in the future, you'll be able to rest assured that God is God, a promise maker to trust! Click here to listen to more (February 28 sermon). 

Your partner in the journey,

Pastor Steve