Nursery- During Sunday School, feel free to drop off children under the age of 2 so that you may enjoy one of our other Sunday School classes for yourself.  The nursery is also open during both church services.  The nursery is located on the same level as the sanctuary (at the top of the slide!).  Children will enjoy playing, story time and lots of love and care by Mrs. Allison and Mrs. Anna.


Two-Four Year old class- Children will begin Sunday School in the ECE classroom #206 by singing.  After singing, they enjoy story time, crafts, and activities.  They will hear bible stories that speak of our love for the Lord and how to be kind to one another.  This class is taught by Mrs. Ann, Mrs. Susan, Mrs. Whitney, Mrs. Haley and Mrs. Mindy.  


Kindergarten- Kindergarteners enjoy singing time at the beginning of Sunday School in the ECE classroom #206.  Next, they will enjoy story time, crafts and activities with Mrs. Scott, Mrs. Ferro, and Mrs. Bessie.  Children will begin to learn the deeper meaning behind the common bible stories they already know.  They can then go and share the love of the Lord with those around them.  


First and Second grade class- Mrs. Hendrich teaches the 1st and 2nd grade class.  They spend time learning the stories of the bible and how to incorporate those lessons into their lives.  They meet in room #206. The room upstairs across from the ECE classroom.  


Third, Fourth & Fifth grade class- This Sunday School class is taught by Mrs. Taylor and uses hands on activities to learn about the Bible and Jesus.  They meet in room #207.  They welcome friends!


Middle School- 6th-8th graders have been meeting with Jennifer Kiely at 4:00 on Sunday evenings.  They focus on active lessons that intertwine faith, friends and the community with the purpose of figuring out God's purpose for each of them.  They would love for you to come and join in all the fun!  This classroom is located upstairs at the south end of the hallway.


High School- 9th-12th graders are welcome to join Jennifer Kiely at 5:00 on Sundays.  The youth lesson and discussions focus on helping teens develop and take ownership of their own faith and apply it to the world they experience each day.