Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions you may have.

Q: Are you still having church during the COVID-19 shelter in place order?

A:  Yes we are.  You can listen at 8:15 on Sundays on KDKD 95.3 FM or go to our Facebook page at 8:15 on Sundays to watch it live!  KDKD archives the audio files so you can view them anytime during the week and the Facebook video will be up for about a week.  

Q: What do you believe as Methodist? 

A: Click here.

Q: What do people wear?

A:  Jeans, pants, suits, dresses, we see it all.  Whatever you are comfortable in.  Some people like to dress up, some people don't!

Q:  What do I do with my baby/toddler/preschooler during service?

A:  Bags of coloring books are available in the back room of the sanctuary to keep little ones busy.  Our nursery, for kids up to age 5, is located just to the rear of the sanctuary on the west side (ushers can guide you there).

Q:  How do I contact the pastor?

A:  Call the church office at 885-5597 

Q:  How do I meet new people?

A:  Join a group - Click on the Groups tab above for our many options!

Q: What about Communion?

A:  All who are present and understand what communion is can partake.