What does the COVID-19 pandemic have to do with Advent and Christmas? Everything! Fear and uncertainty are in the air today, as it was many times in the lives of God’s people in the Bible. And over 100 times the Bible shares the words, “Don’t be afraid.” 

Why not fear? The Bible’s response is consistently, “because God is with us.” This response is at the heart of the Christmas story. God came to the world… came to us… in the flesh, in Jesus.

You’re invited to join the Clinton United Methodist Church Sunday mornings, November 29 – December 20, for our sermon series called “God with Us…” It’s based on Scripture and Adam Hamilton’s book, Incarnation: Discovering the Significance of Christmas. We’ll ask the question, “What if God really were one of us?  What difference does it make, especially now in the middle of a pandemic? 

You can join Clinton UMC for Sunday worship at 8:15 a.m. on Facebook Live (@UMCClintonMO) or radio station KDKD (95.3 FM).  You can also experience each Sunday’s worship anytime later on Facebook. Each worship service will include the music and sights of the season, lighting of the Advent candles, Scripture, prayer, and the “God with Us…” sermon series.

In-person worship has been suspended due to the COVID-19 situation in our community.  We hope you will worship with us virtually. We will continue to offer the 8:15 worship service online on our Facebook page (@UMMClintonMO) and on the radio (KDKD 95.3 FM). 

(even non Facebook users can go to our public business Facebook page to watch live!)

For more information, please contact the church office via phone (660-885-5597), email (office@clintonumc.net), or by mail (601 South 4th Street, Clinton, MO 64735).